We see campaigns as a way to tell a story - a story about you. We craft your story - then you tell your story by talking to voters one on one. We put together your campaign plan, then guide you in implementing it throughout your campaign.

I believe there are many good people out there who would make great public servants. They care deeply about their communities and have a vision for their cities.

I also believe there are many incumbents who need to be replaced. Some have simply been in office too long. Some are ineffective and some use their office for personal gain rather than putting the community they represent first.

I started Campaign In A Box to help the first-time candidates who would make great public servants. Many have a vision for their city, but don’t know where to start with their campaign.

If you are running for local office, you have a great opportunity. You have the opportunity to connect with your constituents one on one, even without costly television ads to get your message across. And with new campaign technologies, you also have the opportunity to use the tools congressional campaigns use at a fraction of their cost just a few years ago.

The Campaign Plan

The campaign plan we develop for you will be central to your campaign. We talk to you about who you are and why you're running, then create a campaign plan that walks you through your campaign, step by step.


The campaign plan includes a website, how to set up your door to door program and the materials needed for it, a press kit, election calendar and everything else you need to run your campaign from start to finish.


Jason Chambers, Owner

Jason Chambers, Owner

I began working on political campaigns in 2004 after graduating from the University of Washington. Each campaign season I had friends running for city council or another local office that I wished I had more time to help. 

So in 2013, I started Campaign In A Box as a way to do that - to bring some of the tools that the big campaigns use to help first-time candidates for municipal office run first-rate campaigns at a price they could manage.


Your Campaign Plan
Your Door to Door Program
Your Website
Your Social Media Plan
Your Press Kit
Your Campaign Calendar & Flowchart

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Most local, municipal candidates can't afford a consultant. I started Campaign In A Box to help those candidates. 

We work with candidates running for city council, school board, sheriff and nearly every other municipal office you can think of. 

Our goal is to help every candidate down the ballot run a first-rate campaign. I'd love to talk to you about your campaign, whether it's this year or a couple of years down the road.