Best Practices

These "Best Practices" guides help you understand how to create your campaign plan, how to run the day to day logistics of your campaign and how to prepare for the final weeks before Election Day. 


Campaign Plan: Voter Targeting

How do you determine which voters to talk to in your campaign? Voter targeting. This guide helps you understand why targeting matters. Download the pdf

Campaign Plan: create your message

What is your campaign about? The "Leesburg Grid" is a simple way to create your campaign message. Follow this step-by-step process -- and take a few days to work through it. Download the pdf


Campaign Plan: Create a Calendar

All campaigns need organization. Whether you use google calendar, iCal or other software to keep a campaign calendar, make sure these five elements are scheduled out before you get started. Download the pdf

Running Your Campaign: Working The Media

Want to get free media? If you're running a campaign on a shoe-string budget, you'll need it. Check out these tips on getting your campaign covered. Download the pdf



Running Your Campaign: An Earned Media Strategy

If you've never interviewed with the media, it can be a stressful process. Check out our tips on how to handle media inquiries. Download the pdf

Running Your Campaign: Social Media Tips

Candidates need to be accessible on social media -- just don't think social media alone will get you to the finish line. Here is how to use social media effectively. Download the pdf



Closing Strong: Debate Prep

Debates and community forums are important to attend. The audience is partisan -- they already know who they're voting for -- but many of the folks reading the summary in the newspaper are undecided. Learn how to prepare for your debate. Download the pdf

Closing Strong: GOTV

Having campaign supporters is no good if they don't show up to vote on Election Day. Check out our guide on organizing an effective GOTV program. Download the pdf