Coffee & Links: Big Guys Beating Up on the Little Guys

Big Guys are Beating Up on the Little Guys  

What's happening:  

"The Ohio legislature voted earlier this week to require minor parties to collect signatures of 1 percent of the number of voters who cast ballots in the last gubernatorial or presidential election. Libertarians and Green Party members complain that the rule — which would require them to gather about 56,000 signatures to make the 2014 ballot — sets an impossibly high standard." [Reid Wilson, Washington Post, @postreid]


What it means to you:  

Arizona, Montana and a half dozen other states passed similar laws this year. For down ballot races it doesn't mean much - yet. But if the laws eventually trickle down to affect state legislative and municipal races, it will help both democrats and republicans, at the expense of anyone outside the two major parties. 

Municipal elections are about the only place third party candidates can get a start in public service, so let's hope the laws don't gain traction. 

One (unintended) positive: it's not uncommon for an incumbent to recruit a third party candidate to siphon off votes from any challengers - this would certainly make that unethical practice more difficult. 

In Other News:  

Americans Keep Moving to Low-Tax States, by Michael Barone, Washington Examiner, @michaelbaron; does this mean anything for future development in your community, and the future political makeup? 

McAuliffe Seeks to Win Race That Eluded Him Before, by Phillip Elliott, Associated Press; what can candidates who lost once learn for the 2nd go-around? (first lesson: raise lots and lots of money)

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