You Want to Run for Office, but Don't Know Where to Start?

Campaign In A Box started with a simple idea: why couldn’t people who want to run for local office have access to the some of the same tools high-profile campaigns have?

Those running for Congress or Mayor of a large city have a campaign plan that lays out everything they need to win: a well thought out message, fundraising plan, details about where your votes will come from and a coordinated get-out-the-vote strategy.

Unfortunately, those tools are often unavailable for candidates who want to improve their small city. Hiring a political consultant is prohibitively expensive for campaign budgets measured in the thousands rather than the tens of thousands.

So we set out to create a range of tools that help first time candidates run first rate campaigns, at a price they can afford. Along with those tools, we've created a campaign plan that makes running that campaign simple. 

The result of that effort is Campaign In A Box. It includes:

1.     A campaign plan that guides your campaign through the process. It tells you how much money you need to raise, how many votes you need to win and how to organize your team to reach those goals.

2.     A message tailored to your campaign that will resonate with voters, emphasize your strengths and contrast with your opponent.

3.     A door-to-door plan designed to build a personal relationship with voters and laser-targeted to specifically reach the right voters.

4.     A step-by-step guide for a comprehensive, effective get-out-the-vote operation that combines digital strategy with grassroots work.

5.     A website – powered by Nation Builder – that will take the complicated work out of targeting and tracking voters, donors and volunteers.   

We want to remove the barriers that prevent good people from running for local office, and we’ve designed this program to do exactly that. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your campaign. 

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