Campaign Links: The Messenger Is Just As Important As The Message

How Democratic Senate Candidates Should Have Distanced Themselves from the White House via @nationaljournal
A good analysis from Josh Kraushaar on the Senate races this year and how the Democrats should have done a better job of distancing themselves from the President if they wanted to win. Examples of Joe Manchin in West Virginia and a couple of other congressional candidates show the way to do it. 

The messenger is just as important as the message via @campaignsinabox
A step by step recap of the New Hampshire Senate race, and how Brown made up a 9 point deficit by being a great messenger. I also included a few tips on how you can improve as a messenger. This is part of a series I'm doing through election day that recaps the Senate races, how they played out, and how you can learn from them. 

Insulating Yourself from Your Opponent's Attacks via @campaignsinabox
Also part of the series I'm working on about the Senate races - how Kay Hagan insulated herself from attacks and ran a great campaign, along with tips on how to insulate yourself for next year's race. 

Last Minute Things Your Campaign Can Still Do via @epolitics
Looking for a few ways to put you over the top this weekend? Colin Delaney at epolitics has a few suggestions worth considering. 

What You Can Learn About Messaging in Kentucky Senate Race via @campaignsinabox
I focused specifically on how to make your message believable and used the Kentucky Senate race between McConnell and Grimes as an example. 

Go Where The Voters Are (GOTV) via @epolitics
Colin Delaney has another few tips for las minute GOTV - worth checking out if you're scrambling to get just a few more votes this weekend. 

Best of luck with your last minute campaigning this weekend! Only four more days until you can sleep - have fun and don't steal any yard signs. 

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