Campaign Links, Week in Review

Start Campaigning for Next Year...This Week via @campaignsinabox
This is a short piece I wrote about following other campaigns to prepare for your own campaign. I highly recommend choosing a particular race to follow, reading about it 2-3 times a week and writing out your thoughts, what you think will happen next, etc. It'll help you work through issues you'll come up against in your own race when you choose to run.

Media Relations Mistakes Some Reporters Can't Forgive via @ragancomms
There are a few things you want to be careful about with reporters during your campaign. This article points to one that isn't particularly obvious - call them back quickly. Reporters on deadline are relying on a quote from you, and putting that call off until tomorrow doesn't help them. If you're playing phone tag - take responsibility for getting in touch. Call twice if you have to. Another trap to avoid - never lie to them. Don't guess on answers, and if you can't answer the question straight, tell them you can't get into details. Just don't lie. 

Writing Good Headlines Is An Art, But Picking Them is Science via @epolitics
The gist of this is that choosing a headline that works can be tested. Colin Delany provides a few links and tips for choosing the right headline. 

Four Questions About Money Every Candidate Needs to Ask via @votergravity
The most important, in my opinion, is whether you're willing to raise it. Will you invest the time? Check out the link for three more questions you should ask yourself when considering a run for public office. 

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