Campaign Links, Week in Review

Campaigning Isn't As Intuitive As You Think via @campaignsinabox
I wrote this because I often get a last minute "uh oh, we better change this up" moment from a candidate near Election Day. So I talked about a few myths that candidates assume about campaigns and why you should simply stay the course and stick with what you determined in your campaign plan. 

GOTV Best Practices: Personalize It via @c_and_e
This article focuses on getting hispanics out to vote, but the best practices are universal. Personalize your GOTV, use supporters to turn out their friends. 

GOTV Calling Tips via @neworganizing
More GOTV, because it's that time of the year. New Organizing Institute has a few tips on how to turn out voters. 

Don't Wait Until October to Surprise Your Opponent via @campaignsinabox
I'm not a big fan of the 'October Surprise.' If you've got something to say about your opponent, start saying it in July. You have more time for the message to stick. By October, voters believe very little new information about a candidate. 

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