Campaign Links, Week in Review

$1 of every $5 spent on cable TV ads in September was on political commercials via @washingtonpost
This is relevant because if you're a down-ticket race, tv ads may be prohibitively expensive this year, particularly if there is a Senate or Gubernatorial race in your election. You may want to consider sticking to direct mail and online ads. If you do choose to go up on tv, here are a few tips so you can ask the right questions when buying air time. You have to be careful not to accidentally buy too few ads to make the message stick or to buy ads in a bad time slot. Ad salesmen won't always tell you all you need to know. 

Early Voting Means Early GOTV via @votergravity
If your state has early voting, you'll need to start your GOTV earlier. That's a good thing for campaigns - it means you'll have more time to get your voters out. Voter Gravity recommends a social media strategy for getting them out, which I love. Get your strongest supporters to encourage their friends to vote - personalized, friend to friend contact is always the best way to get a vote and get a voter to turn out. 

Have a Debate Coming Up? Tips on What to Focus On via @campaignsinabox
I wrote out a few things to focus on for your upcoming debate. Keys to remember - use the debate to reinforce the message you've been getting out throughout the campaign. And second, remember that you're talking to the people reading the newspaper coverage of the debate the next day. Few people attend debates, and those that do generally know who they're voting for before it begins. 

How to Go Negative Without Getting Nasty via @am_national
Do illustrate differences between you and your opponent...don't go into family stuff...and if your opponent attacks you, you need to respond (nearly always). 

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