GOTV: Use Social Media

Voter Gravity, a political consulting group that has a great blog worth following, wrote recently about social media in campaigns and used some stats to back up their positions. The article is a great read if you're running or thinking of running for office. 

One point they made - and one I want to expand on - is the use of social media for Get-Out-The-Vote operations. Social media is a useful tool for a lot of things in campaigns, but what it's most effective for is rallying your base.

Here's the key: when a campaign calls someone to remind them to vote, people tend to ignore it. When a friend reminds them to vote, they are far more apt to listen.

Have your supporters check in on facebook/twitter when they are at the polling location, recommend you specifically, and maybe even follow up with a post saying they voted later (preferably including video or a photo). 

One interaction like that is worth a dozen gotv calls, if not more. And if you're in a lower profile race where most go into the polling place not knowing who to vote for, it might be an effective persuasion tool as well. 

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