Start Campaigning For Next Year, This Week

If you're considering running for office next year, a useful exercise is to follow this years campaigns closely.

One of the most difficult things about running for office is that you're often doing everything for the first time, and learning as you go. Getting a little bit of experience by osmosis can help.

Politico is a great tool for this - of all the political media outlets, they cover the campaign activity the best and provide a ton of useful analysis. Flip through their elections coverage, read the analysis, and pay close attention to the things campaigns are doing well and the things they're doing poorly. 

If you're really ambitious, take notes. Few things help you internalize ideas better than writing out your thoughts. I like to choose one campaign to follow, regularly journal about what they're doing well, what they're doing poorly and how I think that might affect them down the road, then compare my notes to reality at the end of the campaign.

So if you think you may run - take advantage of this year's candidates. 

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