Campaign Links: When Should You Start Campaigning for Your Election?

Republican Governor's Pave Way on Minority Outreach via @nationaljournal
This story is interesting because it highlights something that's a little counter-intuitive in campaigns. The Republican Governors-elect profiled in this article made significant efforts to engage minority voters, and it helped them win - even though they didn't do much better with minorities. Non-minority voters saw them making the effort, and appreciated it - and it turned into votes. 

When Should You Start Campaigning for Your Election? via @onlinecandidate
The answer: sooner than later. The link also includes some specific things to focus on early in the race. I'll also be doing a "preparing to run" series in the coming weeks. 

What One Thing Did Candidates Who Won Last Week Do Well? via @campaignsinabox
I won't give away the secret without you checking out the post - but there are a handful of candidates linked and profiled and you'll be surprised at how consistent the trend is. 

How Can Local Candidates Use the Internet to their Advantage? via @pushdigital
Push Digital does a weekly "ask push" post on their blog, and they always have thoughtful and helpful answers. Check it out. 

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