Campaign Links: Breaking Free From The 'Top Of The Ticket'

Three Ways to Revive a Failed Press Release via @ragancomms 
Ever send out a press release you thought was on the money and get zero emails or phone calls in response? Here are a few tips for getting a little earned media out of your press release if the media isn't interested. 

Breaking Free from the 'Top of the Ticket' via @campaignsinabox
The biggest lesson candidates needed this year was how to break free from the top of the ticket. So I wrote a few ideas out for how to run independently of the top of the ticket. 

10 Midterm Lessons via @campaignsinabox
Top ten lessons from the midterms, including why the polls failed and what first-time candidates did to win. 

How to Run as a Conservative, Contrary to Party Advice via @dbongino
Some great tips on running independently as a conservative. This may be my favorite tip:  "Keep some bullet points in your head that you would like to address and speak with the authentic emotion that drove you to enter the race in the first place."

What Really Worked In 2014 via @c_and_e
Campaigns and Elections, a site worth reading for anyone running for office, offers tips on what worked in 2014 and what didn't. 

Midterm Demographics Didn't Sink Democrats via @seantrende
A well argued an alternative view to the conventional wisdom that the midterms were about a bad map for Democrats. 

Next Year's Election Night Winners = This Year's Losers via @campaignsinabox
An argument for running again - the folks who win elections have often lost an election or two in the past. You'll run a better campaign when you run for the second time, and learn from mistakes you made the first time. 

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