Campaign Links, Week In Review

How prepare to run for office via @campaignsinabox
I started a series this week on what you need to do ahead of time to run for office. This week I posted part 1 and part 2 of the 10-part series. Check them out if you're running in 2015 or farther down the road. Parts 3-6 will be posted next week, with 7-10 going up the following week. 

GOP gains by tapping Democrats' base via @nytimes
If you're involved at all with candidate recruitment for your party, this is a good read. It details how the GOP has changed its candidate recruitment, and how well it's working so far. 

55% of digital ads are never seen, says google via @krantrowitz (Ad Age)
If you're considering digital ads for your next campaign, you're going to have to weigh them against money spent on direct mail. Even political consultants who follow this stuff closely don't know exactly how effective digital ads are. So if you're running, keep an eye on the studies that come out on digital ads - it'll affect how much of your money should go into which type of voter contact. 

Study: How top brands are using twitter via @jeffbullas (Ragan Communications)
When you run for office, setting up a twitter account is a great way to engage with supporters. Undecided voters don't generally follow candidates on social media - so it's not likely to directly gain you votes. But it's a good way to advertise events you have and engage with those who already support you. Bullas provides a few tips on using your twitter account more effectively. 

If you ran this year, save your campaign stats (immediately) via @bakerbk (DownTicketDems)
If you just wrapped up a campaign, even if you're not sure whether you'll run again, you should save your campaign information. Donors lists, volunteer lists, etc. Baker provides a list of things worth saving. 

How to raise funds like successful candidates via @onlinecandidate
A few tips for more fundraising success, from folks who know how to do it. 

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