Campaign Links, Week In Review

Preparing to Run in 2015 via @campaignsinabox
I'm continuing in this series on how to prepare to run for office through the end of next week. This week: What is the context of the race, Are you prepared for the hard work of campaigning and Who do you know? One more post will come later today. 

Is Digital Obsession Handicapping Campaigns? via @c_and_e & @caitleg
"The challenge is that if you're underfunded then you probably also are not able to fund the data that you need to actually make the digital piece effective." This is a great read - a lot of good points discussed by a few campaign consultants. 

Tactics Even Tech-Savvy Campaigns Shouldn't Ignore via @c_and_e
Digital advocacy has been such a hot topic for political campaigns that the tried and true grassroots efforts sometimes get ignored. Keep in mind that digital is a way to do grassroots better, not a substitute for door to door. 

The Pitfalls of Launching Your Campaigns Website via @c_and_e & @lpackard
A couple of tips and things to look out for. 

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