Campaign Links, Week In Review

Why you need a campaign plan via @campaignsinabox
I'm wrapping up a series on 'preparing to run for office' and #9 (of 10) is about why you need a campaign plan. I listed a few of the top items for a quick campaign plan for those not able to put weeks of planning into it, but I do suggest taking that time and really thinking through your plan. 

Getting started with fundraising via @campaignsinabox
The eighth in the 'preparing to run for office' series is on fundraising. I get the most feedback on this, so I'll have some more information on getting learning to fundraise soon. Keep on the look out. 

GOP boasts of improved ground game via @thehill
Interesting article about where the GOP is in terms of developing a ground game and digital competency. Here's why it matters for your local, non-partisan race - if your county or state party has improved in it's ability to turn out voters, it'll boost turnout for you. And if you take the time to ask, there are often people in the party who will help you out. Ask for voter lists, ask if they'll include your district as part of their GOTV strategy, etc. Whatever you need, ask. The parties are always interested in developing a farm team of candidates, and they just might say yes.

Four questions for your digital consultant via @c_and_e
Campaigns & Elections often does articles like this - 4 questions to ask your [blank] consultant. They're useful for first time candidates who don't know what to expect and go into hiring consultants blind. Check this one out, and bookmark campaigns & elections - they have a lot of useful information for first-time candidates. 

The fundraising chicken and egg question via @onlinecandidate
A little help on setting up online fundraising for your campaign. Having a way for supporters to donate online is a must, not because they'll magically find your donate button and give, but because it makes it easier for the folks you call to type in their credit card information. In fundraising, you always want to make it as easy to give as possible. 

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