Election Day Primer

Here's a primer for each of the Senate races that you might be following tonight. As much as possible, I found links that talked about the mechanics of the campaigns to help you learn for your race. 

The hashtag links redirect to the twitter conversation about that particular race. 


RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Sullivan +2.4; #aksen

Fact-Checking the Alaska Senate Race

The Nasty Begich, Murkowski Brawl

Will Alaska 'Throw All The Bums Out' For The First Time In History?


RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Cotton +7.1; #arsen

Candidates Cross Arkansas for Final-Day Push

Pryor, Cotton Reach Out To Party Strongholds


RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Gardner +2.5; #cosen

Udall, Gardner In Their Own Words

In Colorado, Some See Proxy For Nation

Udall Rallies Latinos, But Leaders Fear It's Too Late


RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Perdue +2.9; #gasen

Divided Georgia GOP Rallies Behind Perdue

Nunn, Perdue Rebut Attacks In Final Debate


RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Ernst +1.8; #iasen

President George H.W. Bush Endorses Ernst

15 Key Moments in Iowa Senate Race

Ernst, Braley Tied in Iowa


RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Orman +0.8; #kssen

Orman Shrugs Off Attacks

Orman Stuck In The Middle

In Kansas, Both Parties Scramble to Turn Out Supporters


RealClearPolitics Polling Center; McConnell +7.2; #kysen

K-Street Descends on Kentucky

The Clinton's Kentucky Play

Bruised and Battered In The Bluegrass


RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Cassidy +4.8; #lasen

Running From Obama, Landrieu Embraces Hillary

Liberals Abandon Landrieu

Landrieu's Last Ride? 


New Hampshire
RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Shaheen +; #nhsen

Shaheen, Brown Neck-and-Neck

Hillary Clinton On The Stump In New Hampshire


North Carolina
RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Hagan+0.7; #ncsen

Tillis: Doomsday If GOP Falls Short

Clinton Plugs Hagan In North Carolina


RealClearPolitics Polling Center; Warner +9.7; #vasen

Gillespie and Warner Make Final Push

Warner Tries to Maintain Edge

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