City of the future

I rarely post things that aren't directly campaign related here. But I enjoyed this article enough I'm passing it along. James Kerr, a contributor on, wrote an eight part series on what the "City of the Future" might look like. 

He paints a picture worth considering. From the article:

This 8-part series of articles, called the City of the Future, is intended to explore some of the fundamental areas of change that must be addressed to position our municipalities for the challenges that lie ahead in the early 21st Century. I invite you all to participate in the conversation. Together, we can effect change--if in no other way than at a grass roots level by helping our communities, where we live, to evolve.

The article is light on details, but the broad concepts are interesting. It's certainly worth a read if you're considering a run for city office. Here is where you can follow James Kerr on twitter

And here is the link to part 1 of the article:

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