Why I can't stand yard signs

Why yard signs cannot be the focus of your campaign

Why yard signs cannot be the focus of your campaign

Campaigns & Elections has a good article on the importance of yard signs. The gist: they're not that important. 

The article touches on my biggest frustration with yard signs: too many people think they're a barometer for campaign success. I've received dozens of emails over the years that go something like this: 

I requested a yard sign four days ago, and it still hasn't been delivered. On my way to work today, I saw three of your opponents yard signs and only one of yours. If you guys don't get your act together and get some yard signs up, you're going to lose. 

Signs don't win campaigns. Personalized contact with voters wins campaigns. It doesn't hurt to have a few supporters put signs in their yards, but resist the pressure to make signs the most important part of your campaign. You're going to get criticism for not putting up enough signs or not putting them in the right spots. Thank the critic for his input, and continue to do what you're doing. 

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