LBJ and Giving 99.9%

LBJ Library photo by Austin American-Statesman

LBJ Library photo by Austin American-Statesman

Lyndon Johnson was know for being a tireless worker. He spent Election Day of his first Congressional campaign in a hospital bed because he refused to take time off weeks earlier to treat his appendicitis.

LBJ tirelessly drove himself and his staff - himself to a heart attack in 1955, and at least one staff member to a nervous breakdown early in his career.

One day in 1941, Lyndon relaxed. He celebrated his hard work and kicked his feet up. That day - Election Day of his first campaign for Senate - proved to be disastrous. That afternoon, while Lyndon was celebrating a hard won election, his opponent - Governor W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel - was still hard at work - stealing votes. 

Johnson lost what was then the closest Senate race in Texas history that day because he let off the gas hours before the polls closed. 

Don't let off the gas on Election Day. Races are won and lost by razor thin margins every year. Let someone else plan the election night party…run your GOTV program until the polls close…have volunteers available to watch the votes being counted. 

Win Election Day. 

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