Campaigns Are Dynamic: Don't Sweat a Small Setback

Campaigns are incredibly dynamic operations. In a matter of 6 months, you will create a campaign plan that lays out what you'll do, begin raising money, talking to voters, determining your message, interacting with media, designing mail and online ads and turning out voters. 

Campaigns move fast and are often run by people who have never run a campaign before. They're a unique animal, and there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes. 

You should always make your best effort to minimize mistakes by preparing ahead of time (don't fail to create a campaign plan and get your "kitchen cabinet" to sign off on it). But mistakes will still be made. 

The candidate will say something he shouldn't have, you'll have a fundraiser or an event where nobody shows up, you'll send the wrong press release or the wrong email. Mistakes happen. Don't sweat the small stuff. 

While campaigns are more of a 100m dash than a marathon, you still have time to correct mistakes. Remember, you opponent has the same challenges. 

Think of a campaign like the Dow Jones: you're going to be up on some days and down on some days, but the important thing is you learn from mistakes and improve through the campaign. 

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