Campaign Links, Week in Review

Netroots Nation hashtag
Check out the #nn14 hashtag on twitter today, or flip through it over the weekend. Folks are posting campaign tips from one of the more informative (whatever your ideology) campaign conferences around the country. 

Limitations of Social Media (via @epolitics)
You may be hearing from everyone you know that you need to be on twitter and Facebook to reach more people with your campaign. And those are two great ways to reach audiences. However, don't forget that social media isn't your primary - and certainly not your only - way to reach voters. 

Be the Most Informed Person in the Room (via @campaignsinabox)
I wrote this about a topic I think is important - you want to always be informed about what's going on. Don't get caught not being aware of what's going on in your community. I put together a few tips for how to keep up with what's going on, and how to do it without stretching your time.

Just for Fun: Best Campaign Ads of the Summer (via @time)
Here are a list of Time's six favorite campaign ads this summer. I watch these whenever I can - both because they're fun and because it gets your creativity flowing for your own ads. I'd add one tv spot to their list: Oregon Senate candidate Monica Wehby's ad before the primary. 

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