Campaign Links: A Millennials Advice - Learn How to Story Tell

A Millennials Advice: Learn How to Story Tell via @medium
Storytelling is essential to campaigns. Your campaign is, essentially, a story about who you are. Toastmasters provides a great opportunity to learn how to tell a story in a relaxed environment in front of an audience interested in helping you. If you don't have time to join Toastmasters, get started by checking out this article from Medium [to save even more time, it includes an infographic].

Free Stuff! via @ragancomms
Seriously though - check that link out. It has a list of websites with high quality, free images you can use without running into copyright issues, which is never something a campaign needs to deal with. 

Record Low Turnout in Primaries via @politico
…and you should adjust your campaign plan accordingly. Turnout is going to be low in November. Look at the traditional turnout in your district and adjust it down from the 2010 turnout, then adjust your doorbelling and GOTV programs accordingly. 

Parties: 8 Steps to Flipping Your School Board via @am_national
"First, move quickly while popular support is still behind you…Second, if you haven't already, begin attending your local board meetings…Third, [read the article]. Also, check out some of the resources on American Majority's website. They have great campaign into. 

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