Campaign Links, Week in Review

Know Why You're Running (via @politico)
This is a little unfair to Hillary - she hasn't even "officially" decided to run yet. But it does provide a good teaching moment: you don't want an article in the local paper wondering why you're running. Is that likely to happen in your city council race? No. But voters are likely to wonder about it if you don't make it clear. 

Limit what you're about. If you have five talking points, you have at least three too many. 

Better Targets for Facebook Ads (via @pushdigital)
Facebook has improved its targeting for advertising. If you advertise for your campaign on Facebook, it might be worth familiarizing yourself with some of the changes. Here is an article from Facebook detailing the changes

Toastmasters, an Underutilized Campaign Resource (via @campaignsinabox)
I wrote in my blog this week about using Toastmasters as a campaign resource. Most new candidates aren't well versed in giving a campaign speech, and Toastmasters can help with that. Check out Toastmasters website for a club near you - it's a great opportunity to learn to better connect with your audience. 

Tips for Creating a Great Campaign Palm Card (via @votergravity) 
Voter Gravity, whose blog is a great resource for anyone running for office, put together a few tips for your palm card. They're worth checking out if you're designing your card now or if you will in the near future. Two of the tips are really worth noting because a lot of candidates miss this with their palm cards: stay on message and use high quality photos. 

The Importance of Voter Contact (via @am_national)
Everyone will tell you how important it is to go door to door when you're campaigning. The folks over at American Majority explain why. The theme: voters get a lot of contact from a lot of candidates, and a visit from the candidate at the door is the one that stands out. 

You're not going to outspend the state Senate and Gubernatorial races, but you have the advantage of being able to talk to your voters one on one at the door, and that can be far more influential than even the best television ads. 

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