Campaign Links, Week in Review

Tips for Year End Fundraising via @epolitics
"Here are five things you can do now to prepare -– a little late-summer work will make your late fall and early winter far more pleasant. Trust me, time spent now will be worth it then!"

Do Independent Voters Actually Prefer One Party Over the Other? via @votergravity
The answer is yes, and the article is still worth reading. Self-identified independents do tend to support one of the two parties, and they're often just as partisan as those who admit to being partisan. A good rule of thumb when doing your targeting is to assume the "independent" group reflects the partisan makeup of the rest of the precinct or district - if the district is 40% Democratic, 35% Republican and 25% Independent, assume those Independents are split 40/35 Democratic. 

Writing a Stump Speech via @get_elected
Some great tips for putting together the most important speech of your campaign. It should be brief, personal and it should "close the deal." Check out the article by Kelly Dietrich for more detail. 

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