Campaign Links, Week in Review

What Your Zip Code Says About You via @votergravity
Voter Gravity blogs about ESRI's zip code lookup tool - it's a great tool to use when researching your district and precincts. It provides demographics data at a zip code level - I recommend bookmarking it for when doing your research. 

Why Begich's Willie Horton Ad Matters via @politico
Figuring out how far to push on your negative ads is important - you want something that moves numbers without angering voters. Politico did a good analysis of the "Willie Horton" ad that Mark Begich aired in Alaska, which upset some families and was eventually taken down. It's worth a read before signing off on your negative ads. 

How to Respond to a Negative Story via @ragancomms
Ragan Communications blogs for communications professionals, and a lot of their content and advice is useful for political candidates. Check out this blog on how to respond to a journalist writing a negative story written about you. The most important tip - don't try to freeze them out. You're going to be covered by them whether you like them or not, figure out a way to make it work as best as you can. 

How to Create a Crisis Plan in 30 Minutes via @ragancomms
Another good post by Ragan Communications. Check this out when putting together your campaign plan. You might even append it to your plan for easy recall. 

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