Campaign Links, Week In Review

The Hard Realities of Fundraising, Part II via @campaignsinabox
I'm working on what I think will be a 7 part series on fundraising over the next few weeks. A lot of candidates hate it, but it's a necessary evil. The series is aimed and helping you understand why it's important, and providing a few tips on how to get through the toughest part

The Best Press Coverage Is A Third Party Endorsement via @ragancomms
When you read this, think about earned media. Local campaigns often don't realize that because they are running for public office, media has some interest in what's happening. But you have to put some thought into making a good story out of your campaign. It's far easier than you might think to get a little earned media and provide a boost for your campaign. 

Study: Understanding the Impact of Direct Mail on Politics via @votergravity
Knowing a little "behind the curtain" campaign info is good. You want to be aware of how and why direct mail matters, why doorbelling matters, how to make your doorbelling the most effective, and how your ad buys work so you spend your money efficiently. Voter Gravity puts out a lot of great info on those topics. This one on direct mail is worth your time. 

Seven PR Storytelling Sins via @ragancomms
Your campaign should tell the story of you and why voters should choose to support you. In crafting that message, you tell a story - a story you'll repeat over and over on the stump. Here are a few things to avoid in creating and telling your story. 

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