Campaign Links, Week In Review

The Worst Run Campaigns of 2014 via @politico

Politico does a great job of not only summarizing what's going on as campaigns unfold, but also providing a little analysis. It's a great daily read if you're thinking about running a campaign or currently engaged in one - learn from others and avoid their mistakes. This article in particular points to a few follies you'd be wise to avoid. 

The Hard Realities of Fundraising, Part 3 via @campaignsinabox

Your viability as a candidate depends on your ability to fundraise. Not only because you need money to tell voters your story, but because the folks that follow campaigns and can help you out pay attention to how hard you work at fundraising. 

The Cost of Door-to-Door Canvassing via @votergravity

"Is paying between $7-$19 dollars per vote too much? Not when you compare it to the $60 per vote that campaigns pay for direct mailings." Voter Gravity goes into more detail on the cost of door to door. Good read. 

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