Campaign Links, Week In Review

The Hard Realities of Fundraising, Part I via @campaignsinabox (shameless self promotion)
The last time I wrote something on fundraising I got a lot of feedback and a handful of questions, so I thought I'd do a short series on fundraising for candidates in local elections. Here's the first part.

The Benefits of Native Advertising [infographic] via @ragancomms
One part of campaigns that doesn't receive as much focus as it should is advertising, and how it works. At least 75% of your budget is going to ads, and many campaigners just assume they're getting the best possible deal. It's often not the case - so educating yourself on how ad buys work is important. Here's a short primer on "native" advertising. For other FYI's on ads, check out this blog post I did a few months back, eerily titled "Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics." [nod to the GOAT, Mark Twain] 

Deflecting Attacks: A Proven Use for Direct Mail via @votergravity
Voter Gravity has one of my favorite campaign blogs. You should really follow them and read their stuff regularly - they provide a lot of tips for first-time candidates. This post on the best use for direct mail is short and insightful. 

Make Some Room for Humor via @neworganizing
"Top 5" style tips for using humor in your political ads. Humor is great - voters will get hundreds of mail pieces and likely see thousands of ads, particularly in even year elections. How do you get your ad to stand out? Humor is a great option. Think about the last time you shared a political ad - it was probably funny. Humor stands out. 

How Journalists Use Twitter via @ragancomms
If you've never dealt with the media and you're running for office for the first time, understanding how the media works is great. A basic understanding of and willingness to talk to journalists will go a long way in getting you some earned media. And if cash is tight, earned media is a must. 

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