The headline matters

The headlines in your political communications matter

The headlines in your political communications matter

Ragan Communications has a great blog for those who want to pick up tips about how to communicate better with voters. The blog is aimed at communications professionals, but there's a ton of great content relevant to campaigners. 

Today they ran a story on writing headlines, and in the article they make the point that you should spend half the time you spend on writing the article, on the headline. Example: If the article takes an hour to write, spend an additional 30 minutes determining the headline. 

Take their recommendation to heart when creating your press releases. Avoid "click bait" type headlines, because nobody hates those more than journalists. But avoid spending 30 seconds summarizing your release in the headline. 

A few of their suggestions:

1. Use interesting adjectives

2. Use negative wording

3. Use numbers

4. Personalize it (and add a little extra)

They include an info graphic worth saving for quick reference, as well as a formula for coming up with a good headline. Journalists get a lot of press releases, and they have limited time to read over everything and limited space to print it. Check out the article and improve the odds that your next press release will get read. 

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