Connect with your audience through history

How can a candidate connect to his audience?

How can a candidate connect to his audience?

Adfero Group publishes a blog called K Street Cafe that I like to follow for campaign tips. Last week they wrote about "History telling and brands." It's a great, short read about one unique way to connect with your audience. 

Check out the article and consider using their idea in your campaign. Make a connection with your audience through history. Maybe it's your personal history. Better yet, because voters should be the hero of any campaign story, make it about a shared community history.

Think about the history of your community and how that sheds light on current issues that are important to voters today. Then consider how that affects where you want to take your community in the future.

History - and the narrative that goes with retelling it - can be a powerful way to get voters to join your cause. 

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