Twelve steps to your own presidential visual for your campaign launch

First-time candidates: Launching your campaign with great visuals

First-time candidates: Launching your campaign with great visuals

Putting together a campaign launch for your campaign can be difficult because there are so many options. Do you make a speech in front of a crowd? What if nobody shows up? Should you launch your campaign in front of city hall? What permits do you need?

Or maybe you should just make life easier and send out a press release?

Campaigns and Elections wrote about how to make your own "presidential visual" for your campaign launch, and they include some good tips. Here are their first five recommendations (of twelve). Check out the article for their explanation of each tip:

1. Don’t over-think it
2. Don’t be too creative
3. Tell a story
4. Location [matters]
5. Never allow your candidate to be interviewed in front of a blank wall

My recommendations: first, if you're going to do an event, make sure you have an "events" person to help you put it together. If you don't have a background in events, and your campaign manager doesn't either, hire a friend who knows events to organize it. The visuals matter and how well organized it is will say something about your candidacy.

My second recommendation - sending out a press release is 1000% times easier, and a lot of people go that route, but don't do it. Put an event together. Think through why you're running, invite people to attend, remind them to show up, get the permits, etc. It can be a pain, but it'll show you're serious about the office. 

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