Answer questions on your terms

Answer campaign questions on your own terms

Answer campaign questions on your own terms

Rand Paul was asked a question on Wednesday about which exemptions he thought should be allowed for abortions. Here's the question:

Paul Steinhauser (NH1): Senator, the DNC is picking up on the comments you made this morning on abortion...I just want to know where do you stand on exemptions? Should there be any exemptions?

Paul answers the question he wants to answer. He explains that the debate over abortion is always on the far right - people want to have the debate over abortion on terms that favor the pro-abortion side. 

Then he flips the conversation. Watch his response below.

Don't let questioners - whether it's a journalist or an opponent in a debate - define the terms of the discussion you're going to have. Take some time to think through the questions you'll be asked throughout your campaign and decide how you would prefer the conversation to be framed, then frame it in your way.

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