Campaign links, week in review

Your campaign narrative matters via @campaignsinabox
Don't just offer up your resume, tell the story of who you are - because that's what voters care about. "They'll care what you know when they know that you care."

If you hit every door, you may as well doorbell in Hawaii via @campaignsinabox
Why it matters that you target your doorbelling program - and a national example via they Hillary Clinton campaign. 

Three techniques to calm you before a big speech via @ragancomms
How you pose, whether you smile and using the correct pronouns all matter. 

Let the fundraisers do their job! via @jeffbrooks
Why you need to let your fundraiser do his job, even if you think you have great input. 

A winner's guide to debate prep via @c_and_e
Be sure to take a little time to prep for your debate - not just to refresh your memory on the issues, but also to know a little about how local, political debates work. 

Using Canva for your campaign via @votergravity
Canva is a great tool for amateur designers who want to save a little money and design simple campaign materials themselves. Check it out. 

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