Campaign Links, Week in Review

Apparently it's fundraising week for "campaign links." Here are a handful of links to help you raise money for your campaign. 

Making fundraising personal via @c_and_e
The more personal you can make your appeals, the better - both for getting donations and for getting votes. 

9 ways to avoid the 'spam trap' with campaign email via @c_and_e
A few easy tips to keep your campaign email from going straight to the spam folder. 

Why fundraising is hard via @jeffbrooks
...and how that can be your big opportunity. 

How to show your donors they aren't alone via @jeffbrooks
Being a part of something will help you get votes and dollars. Make your donors feel like they're not the only one supporting your cause. 

And - for those who have the fundraising part all figured out - a few non-fundraising links: 

How to handle Facebook trolls on your campaign page via @lytxit
A few tips for etiquette and tools offered by Facebook on managing "trolls" on your campaign's Facebook page. 

Guide to hiring a campaign manager via @cmpwrkshp
The Campaign Workshop offers a few ideas on how to hire a good campaign manager. One thing I always emphasize: I'll take a hard worker over someone who knows politics. Someone who gets things done can figure out what he needs to know about politics.

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