How to kick off your campaign

Campaigns & Elections has an excellent piece today about the importance of starting your campaign off right. Their conclusion is that campaigns that are planned before the launch are the more successful ones, and I couldn't agree more. 

You can view the article here: Why the first weeks can make or break your campaign

Two points that C&E doesn't expressly make that I think are important: 

1. You must have a campaign plan.
2. As part of that plan, you need to decide how you will raise money and how you will spend it.

If I had to choose the most common regret losing campaigns have, it's running out of money. Without a plan, money tends to get spent as it comes in. When it's time to buy ads to get a message out to voters in October, the money is mostly gone. 

Create a campaign plan before you announce your candidacy. Helping first-time candidates with process is why I started Campaign In A Box. Email me here and I can help walk you through the process. 

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