Campaign links, week in review

Tips for your campaign photo shoot via @campaignsinabox
Campaigns & Elections magazine has a piece on how to manage your campaign photo shoot. It's worth bookmarking for later reference. 

What happens if you don't have a campaign plan? via @campaignsinabox
Campaigns & Elections has an excellent piece today about the importance of starting your campaign off right. Their conclusion is that campaigns that are planned before the launch are the more successful ones, and I couldn't agree more. 

How to make your 'about us' page win friends and influence donors via @jeffbrooks
Recent research reported by the Nielsen Norman Group shows that some people actually read the "About Us" page. Who knew?

Repetition is key in fundraising via @jeffbrooks
And it's key for most of campaigning. About the time you can't stand to hear yourself say the same thing one more time, all the voters that matter have heard you say it once. Only six more times per voter to go...

Using periscope and meerkat for politics via @epolitics
Looking for the next new technology for political campaigning? While neither of them are 'essential' for getting elected, periscope and meerkat are becoming more popular among elected officials. 

Direct mail vs digital ads - how consumers perceive them via @dmnews
While digital ads are important to look into - and are certainly the 'big thing' in political advertising right now - one direct mail piece still has a far greater influence that one view of a digital ad. 

How to tell your organization's story via @ragancomms
Substitute 'organization' for 'campaign.' 

Be efficient with your campaign money via @cmpwrkshp
You'll regret it in October if you don't. 

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