Campaign links, week in review

What the 2016 campaigns can teach your campaign about mobile via @c_and_e
"Here’s something to think about when trying to gain traction on mobile: Creating a mobile audience is an innovative tactic that would likely have impressive results at low cost, especially when considering that down-ballot audiences are often limited to a district or a state."

Case study: Run for office...if you lose, run again via @campaignsinabox
"Senator Mark Udall of New Mexico made his first run for public office in 1982. He was 34 years old and came from a family of elected officials. He desperately wanted to be a congressman." Read the rest to learn from him. 

How to find amazing volunteers - and use them to win via @localvictory
"Volunteers can be an excellent source of free manpower for your campaign. For many campaigns, they will make up the bulk of the grassroots organization, and will provide services both big (setting up events and gathering signatures on your nominating petitions) and small (stuffing envelopes and answering phones)."

Email is still the preferred pitch method for most journalists via @ragancomms
"Cision’s Social Journalism Study found that social media is becoming a more integral part of reporters’ routines, however, even if they don’t necessarily like it."

Compelling story lines that might works for your campaign via @care2
"Storytelling matters because it shapes movements and defines the success of your nonprofit. But you're probably thinking, “I don’t have a sexy story” or “I don’t know how to tell a story”. You may have even tried to use storytelling at your nonprofit but it didn’t get much traction."

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