Campaign Links, Week in Review

A simple trick to help create your campaign message via @campaignsinabox
Messaging can be tough. Follow this example to make it a little simpler to figure out what your campaign will be about. 

Grassroots to lawn care: building a successful campaign via @am_national
American Majority has a ton of resources on their site for building a grassroots campaign. Check out this piece on volunteers. 

How to get your campaign website to rank in google searches via @cmpwrkshp
A few tips to do your SEO yourself for your campaign website. 

Case study: Opie runs for Congress via @campaignsinabox
A fun story about how to plan out your campaign if you're on the young side. Also a few obstacles to expect. 

Which USPS mail form is right for you? via @cmpwrkshp
The USPS actually has a few special programs for candidates. Check out this article and look into the programs to see if they might save you a little money on your direct mail program. 

Why you need a campaign plan via @campaignsinabox
A campaign plan keeps your campaign on track. Check out this piece for an example of how to develop a simple campaign plan. 

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