Authentic candidates are good candidates

This piece by Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller inspired me to write about authenticity with local candidates. Lewis writes about Hillary Clinton slipping into a southern accent while campaigning in South Carolina:

The revolt against the phoniness of American life goes back to at least the 60s, which is why it’s odd that Hillary Clinton is so transparently engaging in “show business.” But for Generation X, in particular, the ethos of authenticity practically defines our generation. It’s why Kurt Cobain in a cardigan was cooler than KISS in makeup. It’s why single camera sitcoms with laugh tracks (once wildly popular) now feel so damned cringeworthy. It’s even why John McCain, with all his flaws, seemed much cooler than George W. Bush in 2000.

When I was finishing up college I attended every political fundraiser I could. Two to three evening a week I would throw on a suit and head to some political event to do some networking (to find a job).

Over time I got to know a lot of the campaign staffers who attended the same fundraisers. Our favorite part of the endless speeches was sitting in the back and cracking jokes about the candidates we thought were fakes.

Voters can often see the same things. Be authentic. 

That means embracing your background as part of your campaign rather than being the candidate who is for all the things your voters are for at the time. Any areas where you don't line up perfectly with the voters will be outweighed by your authenticity.

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