Campaign Links, Week in Review

If your opponent screws up, make him defend himself via @campaignsinabox
Follow the Clinton email controversy - not for partisan reasons, but to learn how and how not to handle a political controversy. If it's your opponent who makes the mistake, get them to answer lots of questions early. 

Case study: how to steal your opponent's base voters via @campaignsinabox
Turning out your own voters is usually cheaper than stealing your opponent's base. But if you're running a longshot race in a district that favors your opponent, follow this example to steal his base.

You're losing your what? via @ragancomms
Three things to try when you feel the audience slipping - and it happens to even the best of candidates. 

Five ways to stay healthy during the campaign cycle via @c_and_e
Political campaigning can be unhealthy. With long hours and eating on the road, focusing on your health can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help out. 

Are you ready to run? via @cmpwrkshp
Check out the "quiz" and the ebook that will help you answer whether you're ready to run for office. 

Grassroots to lawn care: getting out the vote via @am_national
Once you have an established, reliable, and growing voter base, you will begin to see the support for your campaign begin to spread at a fast pace.

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