Campaign Links, Week in Review

New invention could save your fundraising from the candidate via @jeffbrooks
"I'm working on an invention that will dramatically improve fundraising. It's called the Better Feedback Translator."

How NOT to make a story go away via @politico
"Hillary Clinton’s email problem is a “drip,drip,drip” that just won’t stop. On Monday, it turned into a steady trickle."

Why campaigns need to keep their data in a lockbox via @c_and_e
"In the age of Big Data, campaigns are struggling to keep track of all their valuable information. And lost or missing data can be a particular headache when it comes to compliance."

Trapped by ineffective fundraising? via @jeffbrooks
"A lot of fundraisers feel trapped by fundraising programs that don't work well, but seem unfixable." Check out Jeff's ideas for improving your fundraising program. 

Shifting demographics could change key swing states
"Red, blue and … purple? Changing demographics could make a major difference in the next election in some key states."

7 reasons print isn't dead for campaigns via @c_and_e
"Yes, some publishers are abandoning their dead-tree editions. And for advertising, digital is increasingly attractive because of the metrics it provides. But that doesn’t mean print is a dead medium for campaigns. In fact, for significant voting demographics, nothing can replace the impact of holding a well-crafted mail piece in their hands."

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