Campaign Links, Week in Review

Storytelling lesson from a pro via @campaignsinabox
Marco Rubio is a great storyteller. If you're interested in learning how to give a speech, how to connect with voters - watch Marco Rubio campaign over the next 6-12 months. In terms of connecting with voters, he's the best of the GOP field. 

Connect supporters with localized social media via @streetfightmag
On July 29, the largest campaign rally of the 2016 season to date was held. 3,520 supporters opened their homes, coffee shops, and offices to host Bernie Sanders livestreaming his message.

A new and effective way to cultivate mid-level donors via @jeffbrooks
Most organizations make two mistakes with their mid-level donors: they treat them the way they treat general donors or they assign them as major gift donors. 

7 common public speaking blunders - and how to avoid them via @ragancomms
This focuses on business leaders giving presentations, but easily tailors to candidates. Don't talk for too long and don't forget to include a story. Click through to read the rest of the blunders to avoid.

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