Campaign Links, Week in Review

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Learn to campaign from the experts via @campaignsinabox
You can learn how to campaign from experience, by observation or by studying the experience of others. Follow the presidential campaign to learn from their experiences. 

A new grassroots political strategy? via @bnnnetworks
"In 2016, field operations should use localized social media to ensure that their local advocates have a forum and voice that can engage their direct community."

Facebook: An increasingly sharp political campaign tool 
"Using a bit of code embedded on its website, the Walker team was able to track who visited the donation page, tell which potential backers shared interests with existing supporters, and determine who was learning about the candidate for the first time. It could then use that information to target prospective voters with highly personalised appeals."

Coming soon? Absentee ballots to your smartphone via @c_and_e
"By Super Tuesday 2016 some campaigns could have a new organizing tool to add to their digital arsenals."

What should your website do? via @campaignsinabox
If you look at political websites of Presidential and Senatorial candidates, you may be a little intimidated by what your website needs to do. Here's what your website should do.

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