Campaign Links, Week in Review

Facebook hates your campaign and wants you to lose via @campaignsinabox
Hyperbole? Maybe. Candidates get reeled in by the magic idea that Facebook will allow them to reach all of their voters from the comfort of their homes. It doesn't happen. 

Designing your campaign logo via @c_and_e
A few tips on what goes into the design of your campaign logo. 

Check with the party on GOTV via @campaignsinabox
Before you implement the GOTV program for your campaign, check with the local party. If they're supporting you, they may be doing a lot of the legwork already. You're better off working out a deal with them than doing everything from scratch. 

Want to keep your donors? Connect with them more often! via @jeffbrooks
"One of the most common reasons donors don't give again is they don't know they're needed."

Stick to your finance plan via @campaignsinabox
Fundraising can be difficult. The best way to have a strong fundraising effort is to plan ahead, then stick to the plan. 

7 things to know before your next radio interview via @ragancomms
"Understanding what the producer and on-air host will, won't and might do on your behalf can help you prepare for any contingency."

Voters want to talk to the candidate via @campaignsinabox
If you have a large district, the candidate should doorbell the higher priority precincts, and volunteers should doorbell medium to low priority precincts. If you have less than 20 precincts to doorbell in your district, there's no reason the candidate can't do that on his own. 

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