Check with the party on GOTV

Local campaign often overlook the get-out-the-vote operation. It sounds like a lot of work, and many campaigners don't know where to start. 

However, a good GOTV operation can make a huge difference in a campaign - particularly in races with low turnout. 

I've written a fair amount on GOTV, so this won't be another post on how to organize your efforts. This post is about how to save yourself some time, money and effort with with your state party's GOTV effort. 

Any time one of my candidate's is running at the same time as a large, statewide race I check with the state or local party on their GOTV plan. Consider doing the same. If your race is partisan, they will likely be happy to help. If it's not partisan but you are endorsed by the party (formally or informally) they might help also. 

You don't want to duplicate GOTV efforts if the state party already has a GOTV operation running. What you can do is help them out, and get some help for your own campaign in the process. 

I like to offer a deal - if the state party will make my district a priority for their GOTV operation, our campaign will supply the volunteers on Election Day. 

It's a great trade for both of you. The state party gets volunteers they desperately need on Election Day, and you get the state party to organize the logistics of your GOTV operation. Organizing GOTV is time and labor intensive, and if you can get the state party's help with it, you should jump on that opportunity. 

They identify the likely supporters, they create the walking lists and maybe even provide some materials. You provide volunteers and save yourself a lot of time and money. 

One tip: if you come to an agreement with the party to help you out, you still ought to keep notes on any voter that promises to support you. Put that list together late in the campaign, send it to the party and ask them to add your voters to their GOTV list. 

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