New from campaign in a box: the resources page

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Why Campaign in a Box started
My focus with Campaign in a Box is helping first-time candidates run winning campaigns. I focus primarily on candidates running for mayor or city council. 

Many first-time candidates don't know where to start. Over the years, I've had friends and colleagues decide to run for mayor or city council and ask for campaign advice. I was often working full-time on a campaign and had little time to help, but would offer what advice I could.

I started Campaign in a Box so I could provide more help for those candidates. If you would like to learn a little more about the program I use, check out "What's in the Box?".

In addition to the Campaign in a Box program, I regularly blog about how to campaign. I attempt to anticipate issues candidates will have and help address them. I do that on twitter and in "First-Time Candidates" magazine as well. Feel free to tweet me with questions, or email me here

The New Resources Page
This week I'm launching a new section to the website to help candidates learn to campaign. The resources page can be found here. 

Over the next few months, I'll also be blogging here about each section, one by one. I'll begin with the "best practices" section tomorrow. The first series will be about how to create your campaign plan. 

Below is a rundown of what will be included on the resources page. 

Best Practices - Campaign Plan
The campaign plan is a must-have for all campaigns, no matter the size. A campaign plan keeps your effort focused on doing the right things to win. Here I have included a few infographics illustrating how to put your campaign plan together. It's not comprehensive, but should be helpful. 

If you want something more comprehensive, contact me here. Campaign in a Box was started specifically to provide comprehensive, personalized campaign plans for first-time candidates. 

I will also be blogging about the various pieces I've included here over the next few weeks. The introduction to that blog series will be published tomorrow (around 7 am). 

Best Practices - Running for Office
Here I've included infographics about the day to day operations of your campaign. Check out this section to learn how to work with the media and how to manage volunteers, among other things. I'll be adding to this section over the coming months, so be sure to check back regularly. 

Best Practices - Closing Strong
There are a couple of items you might not think of until the closing weeks of the campaign: how to prepare for debates and forums, and how to organize your get-out-the-vote operation. Both are pieces of the campaign you should consider early on, and this section helps explain the how and the why. 

Television Ads
Many of you won't have the budget for television ads. If you do, this section should be very helpful. If you do not, this section might still come in handy in determining your message. Ads are simply a way of relating your message to voters. I focus heavily on the way the message is developed and relayed to voters in this section. Note: I've linked one page of tv ads, but there are six. All are linked on the resources home page

Direct Mail
If you are running for municipal office, direct mail is one of the primary ways you should get your message to voters. Here I have taken a number of direct mail pieces and critiqued them. Flip through the pieces and get a few ideas for how to design your direct mail program. Each piece is annotated. Feel free to download them and keep them around for later reference. 

Campaign Speeches
Here I tackle the overall strategy of a campaign speech, then get into a few "do's" and "don'ts'." Read the short commentaries and watch the videos and it will help you to fine tune how you talk to voters. 

Book Club
The "book club" section includes reviews for a few of the books I consider must reads for candidates. Check them out and feel free to get in touch with your thoughts if you enjoy the book. 

If you would like to get more campaign tips, you can check out "First-Time Candidatesmagazine, subscribe to the blog or connect with me on twitter or LinkedInYou can also get campaign tips emailed to you once a week by signing up to to the right of this post.