Campaign Links, Week in Review

Resources for first-time candidates via @campaignsinabox
This blog post explains the new "resources" section of the website. Check this out first, then be sure to visit the resources section and let me know what you think. 

How to fill every seat at your next campaign event via @everydaydemocracy
"If you’ve ever organized or attended a community event like a town hall meeting, a meet and greet with your lawmaker, or a public forum and were surprised that not many people showed up, you’re not alone."

How to create your campaign plan via @campaignsinabox
I put this post together -- along with the new "resources" section of the website -- to help candidates understand the importance of having a campaign plan. Check it out. 

10 campaign lessons from the Hunger Games via @afiajess
These are often corny, but this one is really good. Well worth your time. 

How to determine your campaign's message via @campaignsinabox
A simple, step-by-step guide to figuring out a great campaign message. Infographics thrown in free of charge. 

Who is the fundraiser in chief for your campaign? via @localvictory
You are. But read it anyway -- it's a good piece on fundraising.