Campaign links, week in review

7 tips for better storytelling via @ragancomms
The ability to tell a story is important for any candidate. It helps you connect policies to people, which helps voters connect with you. Check out this brief piece from Ragan Communications (I suggest watching the 2 min video as well), and then go join Toastmasters!

New & shiny: twitter donate buttons for campaigns via @adweek
Does a candidate for city council need a twitter donate button? Probably not. But it's still kind of cool. And if you have a social media whiz kid helping your campaign, it just might be a way to raise a few extra dollars. 

Don't fire your pollster -- yet via @c_and_e
Pollsters haven't been particularly good this presidential campaign season. But keep in mind that polling for a presidential race is about clicks -- it's entertainment. The campaigns aren't using that stuff. And for your campaign, the horse race isn't what matters. You're looking for information that helps you guide your message and strategy. 

How to make successful GOTV calls via @cmpwrkshp
If you're a regular reader here looking to learn the fundamentals of campaigning, bookmark this one. Phone calling for GOTV is becoming harder and harder as people abandon landlines. Check out these five tips on how to make your calls more effective. 

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