Bowling Alone: a conversation between Bill Kristol and Robert Putnam


Yesterday I came across this conversation between Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard and Robert Putnam of Harvard University. Putnam's book Bowling Alone made a pretty big splash in the political community when it was written. It was required reading in my Poli Sci courses in college. The concept behind the book -- that America is losing its 'social capital' -- is one any aspiring public servant should be aware of. 

Putnam has a new book now, which examines the 'Bowling Alone' effect on our kids specifically. It's titled Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis

Kristol talks to Putnam about Bowling Alone and Our Kids, and its worth listening to the podcast because you'll get the back and forth between Kristol and Putnam on conservative solutions versus progressive solutions. You'll also notice there is pretty wide agreement on what the problem is. 

Here's the video:

You can also listen to the podcast by downloading it on iTunes

Here's my lengthier pitch to aspiring public servants from twitter this morning: 

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