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Bowling Alone: A conversation between Bill Kristol and Robert Putnam via @campaignsinabox
I loved this podcast -- it speaks to something all aspiring public servants should be aware of. The breakdown of "community" is an issue any good city councilman can help address. You can watch the video here, and download the iTunes podcast here

Local GOP candidates: Why Trump and Will You Vote Trump? via @campaignsinabox
I don't love writing about Donald Trump. We get enough Trump info on CNN every night. But this week I had a few thoughts about how he might affect down-ballot candidates, so I put these posts together. "Why are people voting Trump?" and "Will you vote for Trump?" are two questions local candidates probably need to consider. 

6 types of simple yet powerful social media images via @buffer
Using collages, text over a plain background, text with a photo and other variations to make your campaign's social media presence more effective. 

How to tell a story with a brand via @prdaily
Replace "brand" with "campaign," and use this guide to help you create your campaign's message. When the theme of the campaign is determined, look for stories. Stories help voters connect with your message. Here is a series of tweets I sent out explaining the concept. 

The Ad Campaign via @nytimes
The New York Times has a page dedicated to analyzing ads in the presidential election. If you're a conservative candidate, you're not going to like the left-leaning bent of their analysis. But it's still helpful analysis to read as you think about your own ad campaign. Check it out. 

The political fundraising funnel via @localvictory
Four steps to building your campaign's fundraising machine. 

10 tips for using twitter for your campaign via @am_national
Ten good tips on how to use twitter for your campaign -- keep in mind a rule I try to repeat often: social media is useful for organizing and informing supporters, but less useful for persuading new voters. 

Check out First-Time Candidates Magazine for tips on running your grassroots campaign. 

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